‘Variables’ is a mechanic that allows for full dynamic circuits and mechanics. Variables are at the core of CraftBook, and are considered one of the most powerful features that allow for incredible things to be done.


A variable is basically a key->value type store that allows for a value to be assigned to a line of text. This allows for mechanics and other systems to reference a dynamic value that can be changed without recreating the mechanic.


Node Comment Type Default
default-to-global If no namespace is provided, default to global. Otherwise personal namespace Boolean true


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.variables.set Allows setting variables. user Allows setting global variables. staff
craftbook.variables.get Allows getting variables. user Allows getting global variables. staff
craftbook.variables.remove Allows removing variables. user Allows removing global variables. staff
craftbook.variables.list Allows listing variables. user Allows listing global variables. staff