Teleporters allow you to teleport easily around the place at the click of a sign.


Using [Teleporter] on the second line of a sign, with the X, Y and Z coordinates on the third (Seperated by a : ), will construct a teleporter.

The coordinates are absolute - not relative offsets. So typing in 0:0:0 will actually take you to 0:0:0, not where the sign is.

The first line of a sign can be used to tell players where they have ended up.

If ARRIVAL is entered on the third line, the player can only arrive at the teleporter, not leave from it.


Node Comment Type Default
allow-buttons Allow teleporters to be controlled by buttons opposite the sign. Boolean true
require-sign Require a teleport sign at the destination. Boolean true
max-range The max range of the teleport, or -1 for infinite. Double -1.0


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.teleporter Allows the user to create Teleporters staff
craftbook.teleporter.use Allows the user to use Teleporters user