Hidden Switch

Hidden Switches allow you to hide a redstone lever or button behind a wall. On right click of the associated block, the lever or button will toggle.


Hidden switches consist of three parts:

# A block to put the sign on. # Either a sign post or a wall sign with [X] as the second line. # A lever or button one block away from the sign in any right angle direction.

Right clicking a block next to the sign will toggle the switch(es) or button(s) adjacent to the sign.

Access Restrictions


In order to lock Hidden Switches with keys, write locked on the 3rd line of the sign. A prompt will show up where you can enter in the chosen key. Once this is done, only the given item will allow the Hidden Switch to be used.


Node Comment Type Default
allow-any-side Allows the user to click any side of the attached block. Boolean false


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.hidden-switch Allows the user to create Hidden Switches user
craftbook.hidden-switch.use Allows the user to use Hidden Switches user